When we promise, we deliver.
Our clients have absolute

Your place or ours?

We can work where you need us. We can work remotely, in your offices mentoring your staff or in a consortia bid office managing and collaborating with key stakeholders. The options of how we work together are as endless as we are versatile.

Our services

Tender/bid strategy

Our aim is to efficiently and effectively understand your  business and your marketable difference. Our skill then is communicating that difference in an articulate, focussed strategy. The result is a bid document that is not only compliant it is competitive, persuasive and successful.

A tailored response

We work with you to tailor a bid submission that will differentiate you from the competition. If the information we need doesn’t exist, we source and write it. If it does exist, we hone it to meet the specific bid needs. During the process we work hard to best manage time, resources and budget.

Project management

We have a proven track record of managing large and small bids from tender planning to post tender evaluation. We can mentor internal staff, coordinate external suppliers and manage key stakeholders. This can be done in your office, remotely from our office or with a team in a custom-built consortia bid office.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge with your internal bid resources by collaborating and co-creating. This means at the end of the process, your inhouse teams will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and templates to win future bids. Our post-tender evaluation captures that learning and consolidates your knowledge.

Competitor analysis

We conduct competitor and industry audits to analyse and understand your competition, your market and your clients’ needs. We bring a valuable objective view to your industry and your competitors. This helps unlock your strengths and maximise your chance of success.

Bid design

A successful bid needs to showcase your capabilities in a succinct, persuasive document. We not only manage the process, we deliver that document. We research and write copy. We design and template, and can produce the presentation. We develop, procure and implement a bid library, and we source bid support materials.

We are marketing and communication experts.

These skills underpin everything we do.
We can help with your internal stakeholder or external marketing strategies.
Our experience includes writing, editing, proofreading and producing for both print and online delivery.